Monday, 30 May 2011


Sawubona Friends!

This weekend was a rather fun one for me as I got to listen to one of my favourite local artists, Johnny clegg, Live and I got to learn some more about photography while doing it. I dragged my camera along to the gig and cracked off some interesting shots. A lil technical jargon for those who are interested, I used all natural light with my 55-250mm lense. Those who know Canon will already have some raised eyebrows, yes I could only shoot at f 5.6, which meant an ISO of 1600 just to get reasonable light coming through the lense. but alas , in the poor light I only managed 1/80 shutter speed at best. I mostly shot at 1/60.

If I had managed to push through the throng to the front I might have used my 50mm prime which is a much faster lense, and then cropped in my photo's .

So with a huge amount of physical determination, had to hold that camera so so steady, and an equal amount of mental endurance, I got what I was after. But as any experienced photographer will tell you, at the settings I was using, you will only get three or four good shots out of a hundred and even then, they may not always be 100% clear.

But no excuses. I did what I could with the situation I was in and I'm happy with the result. And so, without further ado, Johnny Clegg

So there you have it. There are two that didnt load properly, will sort that out after my exam tomorrow. Wish me luck, bye...