Sunday, 20 March 2011

Morning Good people!

Good Morning Good people!

I trust you slept well?? Today, as promised, I'm going to try to post several of my best shots for you to enjoy.Apart from my work which you'll see posted up on this blog, at the bottom right hand corner of this page you will find links to photographers whom I enjoy or who inspire me. Go check them out. Cool.

Now for my stuff,
I'll start off with people as they're my favorite subject matter, and then I'll move on to wild life and nature, then still life.

Richard Martin - Postcard

Scott Henderson

Enoch Jali

Jessica Bedingfield

Jessica Hudson-Reed
Rickshaw Driver

So those are my favorite people shots at the moment.

Now for a little nature,
Nature & Wildlife

Still life/ Architecture

My own hand, just by the way :D

Well there you have it. My personal favorites that I've taken thus far.

In future I will Post Photos the week I take them.
You stay Classy now !!